Blow Out Those Expensive Scented Candles FOR GOOD!!

Do you classify yourself as a candle lover? Are you forever buying more candles to display and burn throughout your home? Never satisfied with the result and disappointed with the scent throw? 
My name is Rochelle and I am the founder of Aroma Addiction NZ. I started making candles many years ago as a hobby and to try to make a product I was finally happy with. I spent years perfecting the art of Candle Making using both highly scientific methods and a lot of trial and error - that is right I am a Candle Maker. This seems quite ironic now that I describe myself as a candle maker but excluding Soy Tea Lights I actually make no candles...... Now here is why - 
Lets start with the science - when you burn a scented candle there are a lot of factors that determine if the candle you burn will have an effective scent throw. Thy type of wax, the container it is stored in, the time of year you make candles (temperature plays a huge part), the type of fragrance used (Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils) but most importantly the type and size of wick used in the candle. The reason that most scented candles will leave you disappointed is due to this basic chemistry. The fragrance used in any candle or melt for that matter should always be treated with care as it is the fragrance itself that you want to be consumed by. When you burn a candle the wick comes into direct contact with the wax which contains your fragrance. The heat generated by the flame will burn the fragrance oil in the wax causing it to turn straight into smoke rather than be delicately thrown through the room. This is not something that can be stopped as it is a natural reaction. 
After coming to this conclusion We then tried other methods of scent distribution including Scented Melts. This is where Aroma Addiction was truly born. We have managed to formulate a recipe for Scented Soy Melts that just cannot be beaten. Our scents are all vigorously tested and developed over time. The time we take to perfect each scent is the key to our success.
At Aroma Addiction we only use Natural Soy Wax.
We do not use 100% Essential Oils in our product. This is a decision we had to make to ensure that the quality of each scent is perfected. Using only Essential Oils to fragrance Melts means that the resulting scent throw does not last. We use Fragrance Oils which are a combination of Essential Oils and other ingredients which vary between the scent range. This ensures that each scent holds and delivers the maximum scent throw for the maximum time.
Our product does not require expensive glass casing and due to the wax being warmed at a lower temp with no direct flame contact the result is a much longer lasting, stronger, and more affordable product.  
We have heaps of happy customer reviews to back this up too. You will find these with our products online. Don't take my word for it. Once you start you will realise our scents really are so good they are addictive!


  • Posted by Rose on

    What’s your secret to such strong smelling melts!

  • Posted by Aroma Addiction on

    Thank you Rose,

    We have a great explanation of that on our other Blog post as below -

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