• Glitter Bomb Electric Warmer Melt Pack Combo

Glitter Bomb Electric Warmer Melt Pack Combo

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Glitter Bomb Electric Melt Burner Pack

Made with a Ceramic Dish and Glass Body

Size: 15cm High x 12cm Wide
Includes Bulb

With this combo you will receive one stunning electric oil burner / melt burner and your selection of any 2 Full Size Melt Packs with scents so good they are addictive!

Finally you can ditch the tea light candles and plug in to go with these amazing melt burners. Imagine that - never having to buy tea lights again $$$ or running out when you want to burn your favorite Aroma Addiction Melts. 

The scent throw off the Melt Burner Packs is wonderful. These melts will have a scent throw up to three times stronger than regular Scented Soy Candles.

**Please note that our Bulb Operated Melt Warmers take a min 30 minutes to warm up before use**

If you like your scents strong this product is for you.

For a more detailed description of our scents you can check them out here - Aroma Addiction Scented Melts To change your melt cube simply turn on your electric burner for a couple of minutes to soften the wax below. Then pop out. 

Our soy melts are available in over 35 AMAZING Scents!

Each melt cube will last between 10 - 35 hours depending on the type of scent you are burning. 

Throw away those scented candles and get among the Aroma Revolution. I guarantee once you start to burn these melts you just wont want to burn anything else.

What are you waiting for? Start your Aroma Addiction TODAY! 

Recommendations for scents. Below is a list of out 5 best selling scents.

1. Champagne and Strawberry (Sweet Floral)

2. Papaya Punch (Fruity Sweet)

3. Lily and White Rose (Floral)

4. Limeade (Fresh Citrus)

5. Black Raspberry Sugar (Sweet)

Be the envy of your friends with these amazingly unique melt burners and get seduced with our gloriously addictive scents!

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