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Winters Helper Soy Shot Pot

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Winters Helper Shot Pot Soy Melts

Our unique Therapeutic Quality Winters Helpers Melts contain our specially formulated combination of Peppermint Essential Oils and Eucalyptus Oil to create a distinctly fresh scent. This melt will help ease symptoms of colds and flu by loosening mucus in your throat and nose to help you breath better. It is also proven to combat mental fatigue and improve concentration so this makes a perfect study aid and is great to use when you have a job to focus on. Peppermint Essential Oils are also known for their pain relief properties (in particular easing the pain of a headache or migraine)  

Shot Pot soy melts are a great way to sample our scents to get to know which is your new addiction. 

Each Shot Pot Soy Melt has a burn time of 10-35 hours.

Scents So Good They Are Addictive

To use our Soy Shot Pot Soy Melts simply pop out your melt out of the packaging and place on the top of a melt burner. For use in a tealght burner place the melt on top of the melt burner then place a lit tea light candle below. Always use unscented tea lights as scented tea lights can cause damage to your burner.

For use in an Electric Warmer pop the shot pot soy melt out of the packaging and place on top of the melt warmer then follow the instructions for your burner. These work with absolutely every brand of electric warmer and as we only use Soy Wax in our products these do not cause damage to electric burners and are completely safe. 

Our Shot Pot Soy Melts and Melt Pack Range are all made with Natural Soy Wax and a combination of fragrance / essential oil sourced from only the best companies around the world. Before we release any new scents to our range we apply vigorous testing to ensure that we have the absolute best quality scent throw, longevity of use and true to their name scents. e love what we do at Aroma Addiction and pride ourselves on having the best quality scens in New Zealand. 

Each of our Soy Melt Products are lovingly handmade in Auckland New Zealand making sure that we have uniformity of quality in our range. 

You won't want to scent your home using anything else after you experience the scent throw and quality of our Seductively Addictive Melt Range. 

Once you start you will not want to stop! Utterly divine Shot Pot Soy Melts Scents.

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