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Room Spray Hacks


Room sprays emit a mist of fragrance, clearing the air in your home. Keep one for everyday use, not just for guests. Some sprays offer more control over the scent, but may not last as long as those with a chemical propellant.



Discover the endless possibilities of where you can use your room spray!

Car - Revitalize your car with a quick spritz of room spray, before sitting inside. Don't neglect the often overlooked area of the car's interior. This simple step not only refreshes the air, but also effectively masks unpleasant odors. Spray the interior and any fabric surfaces for a delightful driving experience.

Windows and Curtains - Imagine the transformative power of a candle's scent filling a room and wafting through the door. Now, apply that same principle to the windows and curtains in your home. With a room spray, you can not only freshen up your space but also mask everyday odours.

The smell of Lavender Cotton can make your home smell clean, fresh and relaxing. Just spray your curtains, blinds or window screens or the inside of your windows with a room spray, for a fresh smell.

Bed and Pillows - Spray your clothing, linens, or pillows with a room spray to eliminate any musty smell. This will not only make them smell fresh and clean but also feel fresh and clean! Simply spray the inside of your pillows and the outside of your linens and clothing with a Room Spray that lingers for a few minutes.

Towels and Linens - Your towels can get stinky. After using them to dry off, they are stored in a bathroom without ventilation. Don't tolerate smelly towels in your bathroom! Freshen up the air with a room spray instead of an air freshener.

Transform your bathroom into a haven of freshness and cleanliness by spraying your linens and towels. You can also refresh your shower or bathtub by spraying their interiors. Experience the delightful scent of freshly cleaned towels in your bathroom. And bonus - it helps to eliminate musty odors!

Trash Can - Improve the freshness of your trash can with a room spray. Mask any lingering dust or musty odors that can develop over time in your trash can. Say goodbye to any unpleasant lingering dust or musty odors that can accumulate over time. Your trash can will never be the same again!


You can use room sprays in so many different ways. Just like air fresheners, our room sprays will instantly transform your space into a clean, fresh, and relaxing sanctuary.  Not only do our room sprays freshen the air, but they also have the power to create a serene and inviting atmosphere in your home. Imagine walking into a space that instantly calms your mind and relaxes your senses