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Which is best for your home: Tealight or Electric Wax Melt Burner?

As a wax melt enthusiast, you likely began your journey using a ceramic tealight wax burner. Nonetheless, as you explored the possibilities, you realized electric wax melt warmers are also available.

By breaking down the key distinctions, this blog post aims to assist in deciding what is optimal for the house, although typically, both are found in the residence. No matter your style, this post will help you create a living space that's just the right fit. Enjoy the perfect harmony of design and function.

How do the two devices compare?

Tea Light Burner
Most burners of this type are made of glass or ceramic as they conduct heat exceptionally well. An unscented tealight is lit underneath the well of the burner where the wax melt sits, and the heat from the flame melts the wax and releases the scent into the air. The increased heat allows the wax to melt quickly and the scent to be diffused more efficiently.

The scent is released rapidly as the flame is instant, but it can burn quite hot initially and then fade as the tealight reduces. This can mean a strong scent throw initially that will fade down a little and can sometimes use up your wax more rapidly. This helps to create an inviting atmosphere and an alluring fragrance precisely when you want it. Enjoy the sensory experience with a powerful scent throw that lingers with warmth and beauty.

Electric Wax Warmer
Electric wax melt warmers provide convenience, versatility, and beauty! With a simple switch, you can quickly and easily customize the mood in any room without dealing with an open flame or hot wax. Plus, with a broad selection of eye-catching designs, you can choose a warmer that suits your unique style.

Electric warmers don't need tealights, flames, or fuss - just a light bulb or metal rod to warm a glass, silicone or ceramic dish and release the delicious fragrance! Plus, the electricity ensures constant, reliable heat. Though not as hot as an open flame, it'll still release a luscious aroma and last longer, too!

Many people with small children or pets prefer an electric warmer, which removes the risk of an open flame. Still, for some, the flickering light of the tealight provides a calming glow they don't want to sacrifice (although many electric burners do have incredible lighting / flickering effects now).

Altogether, these devices are an economical way to scent your home and make it feel cosy. No need to switch out tealights or worry about open flames - when you need long-lasting fragrance, an electric wax warmer is just what you need.

If you want a flame or need a powerful burst of fragrance, then a tealight burner is the perfect choice!

For a balanced scent experience at home, many of us wax melt addicts use both electric and tealight burners. An electric source in busy rooms like the living room and kitchen, and tealights in bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways where you need short-lasting bursts of fragrance.

Experience sublime luxury fragrances in your home at a cost-effective price - our soy wax melts are created to emit aromas for up to 15 hours a portion - great value per day!

However and wherever your wax melts bring you joy, have a wonderful melting experience!