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Baby Powder Wax Melt

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baby powder wax melt
best nz melt
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A powdery fragrance of white lilies, vanilla, amber, and ivory musk.

Fragrant Freesia, Bergamot, and White Flowers notes at the top, followed by Yara Yara Crystals and Lavender, and finally White Patchouli, Musk, and Vanilla Bean at the base. Indulge in a scent experience that awakens the senses and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Marvelously Divine Soy-Scented Melts

Discover the rest of our delightful selection!

    Each Scented Melt cube has a burn time of 10-25 hours (single 20g) and 60-100 per packet (80g)

    For a beautiful aromatic experience, simply place this melt on the burner, then light an unscented tea-light beneath. Be sure to use an unscented tea-light to avoid any damage to your burner!

    Pop one wax melt on your electric warmer - we've made sure it's compatible - and follow the steps provided with your burner. No need to worry about any damages; these are made with only soy wax, so they're safe and sound!

    At Aroma Addiction, we strive for perfection in our melt Pack Range with each new scent. High-quality Natural Soy Wax and fragrances/essential oils sourced from top companies are used. We ensure each scent's scent throw & lasting power meet our impeccable standards. New Zealand's best scents are provided by us!

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