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Electric Wax Warmer - Leaf

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leaf electric wax warmer
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This sophisticated electric wax warmer is perfect for diffusing essential oil scents as well as Scented Wax Melts. Don't overfill the dish - adding more wax does not necessarily create a stronger aroma. To find the ideal wax-to-scent ratio, test a range of amounts and variations of wax! Don't forget that every scent, wax blend, warmer, and space are distinct, so remember - when it comes to electric warmers, less is often more!

Fill Your Home With Sweet Aromas By Adding Our Scented Soy Melts To Your Basket Alongside Your Electric Wax Warmer!

I guarantee that once you start melting with our wax warmers, you won't look for any other! Let your friends be envious of your remarkably special melt burners and be bewitched by our incredibly irresistible aromas! Checkout our Wax Melt Sample Pack


    Place your wax warmer on a level, stable, heat-resistant surface. Keep away from children and pets. Never leave a burning wax warmer unattended. As with all electrical items, keep away from water. The wax burner becomes very hot during use, do not touch or move it whilst alighting or whilst wax remains molten. NZ/Au Mains Powered with On/Off Switch.

    Switch your Electric Wax burner on and place a wax melt on top of the silicone tray; after a few minutes, the wax will melt, releasing the fragrance. Turn off the lamp once the wax is completely melted or before 5 hours. To change the scent, switch your melt burner off and allow the wax to harden and the dish to cool; the wax can then be removed by applying gentle pressure.

    Add Some Of Our Scented Soy Melts To Your Cart To Use With Your New Melt Warmer

    I guarantee that once you start to burn our melts, you won't want to burn anything else. Be the envy of your friends with these amazingly unique melt burners and get seduced by our gloriously addictive scents! Checkout our Wax Melt Sample Pack

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