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Room Spray

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best room spray
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Do you love using room sprays? Our hand-poured blend is water-based, alcohol-free, and non-toxic. Relish up to 600 spritzes of serene ambience from our 100ml scented air freshener. 

Made with a water-based, alcohol-free, and non-toxic blend, it's the perfect way to elevate your surroundings and create a calming atmosphere wherever you go

Transform your home with our long-lasting room and linen spray. Spritz to add a touch of freshness anywhere you need it and enjoy the calming, inviting aromas of natural Room Spray.

Let the cheerful, cozy scents linger in the air and delight your senses all season long!

Available In Wax Melts too


    Shake well before use and gently mist your space to release the inspiring aromas. Spray generously for maximum scent strength and breathe in beautiful and comforting vibes all around!

    You won't want to scent your home using anything else after you experience the scent throw and quality of our Seductively Addictive ranges

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