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Tea Light Value Pack

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36 Pack of Soy Tea Lights - approx 216 Hour Burn Time Scented melts Aroma Addiction
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Transform Your Room into a Relaxing Retreat

Our Soy Tea Light Value Pack provides an irresistible aroma that lasts far longer than Paraffin Wax-based Tea Lights, which are often toxic and burn hotter. Our specially crafted recipe ensures lower heat for a truly satisfying experience.

Handmade in Wellington NZ

Use Aroma Addiction Soy Tea Lights today to get the most out of your Scented Melts and Melt Burners

    Soy Tea Lights are the ideal choice, as they melt at a low temperature, preserving the life of your scented melts as well as protecting your burner. Fragrance oils in scented tea lights can burn hotter, releasing soot that could leave marks on your burner or damage it from the heat. Unscented soy melts, on the other hand, are safe, clean-burning, and last up to 30 hours per box!

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